Is an alligator a warm blood?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes they are

I have to disagree - alligators are cold blooded. They lie in the sun and warm stored blood that is later released.

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Q: Is an alligator a warm blood?
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How does an alligator warm his blood?

lays itself on land in the sun and doesn't moove

Is an alligator cold blooded or warm blooded?

Alligators are cold blood, as are all reptiles.

What is a sentence with the word warm-blooded?

An alligator is not a warm-blooded animal.

Where alligator stay?

Alligators stay in florida .There it is very warm.

Is an alligator warm blooded?

Yes. However, it is now more correct to call them ectotherms.

Does a dingo have warm blood or cold blood?

Warm blood

Are dogs cold blood or warm blood?

Warm blooded

How do alligator eggs stay warm?

The mother usually keeps them warm... but mostly all the sticks and feathers and stuff keep them warm kinda like a blanket!

What vertebrate is warm blooded?

you are

Are wombats cold blood or warm blood?

They are warm blooded.

Are goldfish warm blood or warm blood?

They must be warm blood then if the question gives us only one option...

Are birds warm or cold-blood?

A Sparrow has Endothermic blood (warm blooded).