What color is alligator's blood?

Updated: 8/9/2023
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Red bro... But some are blue

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poo green

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Q: What color is alligator's blood?
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What does the clod blood do to alligators?

keeps them warm

What is the color of an alligator?

To me Alligators are greenish- blue or swampy green

Why do alligators bask in the sun?

Alligators are cold blooded animals, they can to warm their blood themselves and when cold do NT move very fast. They bask in the sun to let the sun warm their blood and allow them to become active.

Is there facts about the albino alligators?

Yes, there are many facts about the albino alligator. However, there are only a few that are unique to the albino variety of gator (as opposed to regular alligators)albino alligators are very rare.alligators lay in the sun to help the digestive process; when albino alligators do this, they often get sun poisoning and die.albino alligators are light green, light brown, or white in color.

Is an alligator a warm blood?

yes they are I have to disagree - alligators are cold blooded. They lie in the sun and warm stored blood that is later released.

Why are some alligators white?

it is because something went wrong and there moms stomach and the didn't get there color.

Do alligators use their body parts for adaptations?

Alligators us camouflage and not mimicry because if they mimicked they can go some where and turn into that color of area

What do alligators drink?

mostaly the blood of their pray, and if they havent caught anything in a while, they drink water

Is an alligator cold blooded or warm blooded?

Alligators are cold blood, as are all reptiles.

What are a pair of alligators called?

two alligators alligators.

What color is the gaint squids blood color?

pinkish green

When giving an injection into the blood stream what color blood is the artery?

the color is blue