Is cracker a good name for a boy?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sounds cute. ...

not if hes white, the black kids will be calling him a cracker ALL the time... not that they dont already...

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Q: Is cracker a good name for a boy?
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What is the name of the dog on the Cracker Jack box?

"The boy on the Cracker Jack Box is "Sailor Jack" and his dog "Bingo." The names became official in 1919 but were used as early as 1918.

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Snow boy is a good name!

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Yes, Gabrielle is a good name. Don't name a boy that though. Name a boy Gabriel.

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Is Elijah Cortez Dixson a good name for a boy

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What is another name for a cracker?

A wafer or a biscuit.Or are you talking about a Christmas Cracker?A firework?

Is paul a good name for a boy?

Paul is a good name for a boy. It is not to long, easy to spell and can not be pronounced wrong.

Is john Olivia a good name for a boy?

No it's not. Olivia is a girl name and John is a boy name

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I want good boy dance names

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it will be a boy name Toby

How do you spell Cracker Barrel?

That is the correct spelling of the trademark name "Cracker Barrel" (a convenience store).

How did cracker jacks get their name?

Legend has it that the name "Cracker Jack" came from a customer who upon trying the treat exclaimed "That really a cracker - Jack!" and the name stuck. However, "crackerjack" was also a slang expression at that time that meant "something very pleasing or excellent" and that is more likely to have been the origin of the name.