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Yes. Just make sure the water is not too cold or hot. When you take her out make sure you do not let her get cold. You can blow dry her with a hair dryer. Make sure again the temperature is not too hot or cold while you do this.

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Q: Is it ok if you bath a pregnant guinea pig?
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When I got my guinea pig, we didn't know she was pregnant, so about a month later, my sister got one that wasn't pregnant. It was a little less that a month after that that my guinea pig had 2 babies. During that time, though, Molly, the pregnant guinea pig, was acting very territorial, and Milly, the non pregnant guinea pig, was staying by herself and not having anything to do with Molly. So make sure that if you put a pregnant guinea pig with a non pregnant guinea pig, that the non pregnant guinea pig is a girl, or else there WILL be trouble.

What happens if a guinea pig pees a big puddle?

its ok, the amount of pee depends on the amount of water your guinea pig has consumed, your guinea pig should be fine.

What can you feed both rabbits and guinea pigs?

You can feed them both guinea pig food. Don't feed the guinea pig the rabbit food or it will be sick. Rabbits are ok on guinea pig food.

Is it ok to have a bath while pregnant?


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I don't know if it will make the guinea pig ill, but if it eats if I should be ok.

Is it ok to feed a guinea pig a tomato?

Yes, tomatoes are great for guinea pigs.

You accidentally bought hamster foods is OK your guinea pig eat the hamster foods?

No it isn't ok. Guinea PIg food is made for Guinea Pigs. Your Cavy will get sick if they do eat hamser food.

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no at all

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Of course sugar snap peas are natural and if your guinea pig will eat them they should be ok.

Pregnant guinea pig but she already has a young baby what should you do take the older baby away or can they stay together?

If the other pig is a male, please separate them. If it is a female it should be ok.

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