Is there really cat scratch fever?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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first of all, cat scratch fever is harmless, and i would know because i had it before. no, you do not have to get rid of your cats. cat scratch fever lasts a while, i don't know all of the symptoms, but i do know it gives you a rash on your neck, across your chest and inside the crease in your legs and arms. i have three cats and while i had CSF, and i didn't have to get rid of them. hope that helped :) :)

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Yes. Cat Scratch Fever, or Cat Scratch Disease, is caused by Bartonella henselae. It is spread if the cat bites or scratches a human or simply coming in contact with the infected cats saliva.

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Q: Is there really cat scratch fever?
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Can you get cat scratch fever more than once?


Can we get lockjaw from a cat scratch?

It's not very likely, but you could get cat scratch fever. Or nothing at all. Those irritations in the skin won't do any harm as long as you treat it with some kind of skin cleaner ie. soap, peroxide, antibiotics, ect. You should be fine

What is a cat with a fever called?

A cat that is sick is called a sick cat

What treatment is best for a cat scratch?

Cat Scratch Fever is easy-going infection and usually gets better by itself over several months without any specific treatment. This infection can be more serious with people who have poor immune systems, and antibiotics are used for such patients. If your child have Cat Scratch Fever you should not isolated him from other family members because Cat Scratch Fever is not contagious. Your child cannot give the disease to anyone else. After having cat scratch disease once, your child is very unlikely to ever get it again. You may take care of your child at home; you can apply a heating pad or hot water bottle to the swollen glands, giving some pain killer for pain, body aches or fever over 101F. It is not necessary that your child remains at bed, but it may help if your child tires easily. If your child feels like playing, encourage quiet play while being careful to avoid injuring swollen lymph nodes. Antibiotics are used to treat the unusual forms of cat scratch disease or if your child have poor immune systems. If your child's doctor has prescribed antibiotics, give medication to your child on schedule for as many days as your child's doctor has advised. Within 2 to 4 months, swollen lymph nodes generally collapse. In a very few cases, a swollen lymph node becomes so large and hurting that physician may advise its amputation. This is generally done in a very easy surgical method with a small incision.

You got bit by your cat about 5 days ago and have a fever what should you do?

The cat will not get the fever unless you have the H1N1 flu virus. So, if you nor your cat has H1N1, there isn't anything to worry about.

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When was Cat Scratch Fever created?

Cat Scratch Fever was created on -19-03-01.

When was Cat Scratch Fever - song - created?

Cat Scratch Fever - song - was created in 1977-05.

Is cat scratch fever fatal?

The Question Is Cat Scratch Fever Fatal needs an Answer From an M. D. - help!

If you are born with Cat Scratch Fever how can you tell it is affecting you later on?

Cat Scratch Fever is self-limiting. It goes away.

How do cats get cat scratch fever?

It is unlikely for an adult to contract scratch fever. You can catch cat scratch fever by getting scratched bitten by a kitten, but this is very uncommon. Getting scratched by a kitten does not automatically mean you have scratch fever.

What happens if a cat wounded you?

You can get cat scratch fever.

Why burning sensation from cat scratch fever?

Cat scratch fever, also known as cat scratch disease, is cause by getting scratched by an infected cat. The burning sensation is caused by the inflammation of lymph nodes.

What is cat scratch fever?

it's when a cat scratches you and you get sick

Can you donate blood if you have had cat scratch fever?


How come you don't get cat cat scratch fever everytime your cat scratches you?

Cat scratch fever is caused by a bacteria that is generally transmitted to the cat by fleas. If the cat isn't carrying the disease, then they will be unable to transmit it to you, the human.

Who Sings Cat Scratch Fever?

Ted Nugent

Can you get cat scratch fever more than once?