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Yes, but a dog can be taught at almost any age.

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Q: Is training a puppy that is less than 8 weeks old better?
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What is the earliest age that a puppy can be taken from its mother?

If a puppy is eating well it can can be taken from its mother at 5 weeks of age.

How can you get muscles in 2 weeks?

you can't. i doubt you'll even see a difference in any less then 6 weeks of training

Should you buy a puppy at 6 weeks?

You should not buy a 6 weeks old puppy cause the puppy is too young to leave its mother !!! If you want to have less problem at potty train it, then you should buy it at about 11 or more weeks old!But not too old!!! You should not buy a dog more than 20 weeks old ^.^ Because when it's young, like 6 years old, its mom can teach it a few things!!! So I'm about to buy a 16 weeks old puppy, that is the perfect old for a puppy.!!! So please, e patient!!! ^.^ >.<

Will your puppy get better reflects?

As a puppy matures they will develop better reflexes. They will also become steadier on their feet, as well as less fragile. Be sure to monitor older dogs playing with puppies to ensure the older dog is being gentle enough.

Is it better to get a puppy or a 1 year old dog?

It's best to get a puppy cause puppies are cute and it's best to get a 1 year old dog because maybe it costs less.

What do puppies eat dried or canned?

It depends on how old the puppy is... If it is less than 3 and 1/2 weeks old, it should still be on its mother's milk If it is 3 1/2 to 7 weeks old, the best option is probably taking dried food, adding just enough water to make the food soggy, and mashing it into a mush that the puppy can lap up. After 7 weeks, they can start eating normal dry puppy food.

Is it better to be a veterinary technician or veterinary assistant?

This will depend upon your definition of "better". A veterinary technician tends to have more training and a higher pay scale, but also has more responsibilities. A veterinary assistant tends to have less training, minimal or no formal training and a lower pay scale, but also tends to have less responsibility.

How long does a husky stay with its parents?

If you're asking how long a husky puppy stays with its mother, it should be no less tha 8 weeks but optimally 10 - 12.

Puppy eyes open How long does it take for blue to clear My puppy 5 weeks still some blue?

It should take about less than 16 days... Your dog might just have a little blue in the eye just like people!

When can puppies start eating hard food?

You can start weaning the pups with watered down puppy food (gruel) as early as 3-3 1/2 weeks. This can take a couple weeks then start slowly adding less water to make it more firm. They should be able to start with small kibble by 5-6 weeks old. Make sure its a high quality puppy food.

How do I make ny puppy feel less alone?

buy another puppy.

Can you dock a tail if the dog is two weeks old?

Yes, 3 weeks is too old to dock a puppy's tail. Normally this procedure is done between the ages of 2-5 days old. You can have it done at 3 weeks but now it will be a major surgery where the puppy will have to be sedated and the tail docked and sutures put in. It will cost a lot more too.