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There is no need. Breeding usually only takes place in a very large tank. Oscars are substrate spawners and will lay from 200 to 2000 eggs at a time. After three or four days, the eggs hatch. The fry is then transported to other location in order to protect them from potential predators. Oscars tend and guard their young and known to be good parents.

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Q: Should you cover your tank for Oscar eggs to hatch?
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How long does it take for Oscar eggs to hatch?

I have had Oscar fish for 3 years now and my Oscars started to mate and my female Oscar is most definitely going to lay eggs. As far as I know, it takes the eggs 24-36 hours to hatch. It won't take any longer, so if your Oscar is roaming around in circles, she will start to lay her eggs. She won't all at the same time, she'll just lay a few, then the male will go over them and fertilize them and so on. Then they should hatch in the amount of time above. Good Luck Breeding Your baby Oscar fish. Sincerely, Terrier23

How long does it take for leopards gecko eggs take to hatch?

It can take 60-120 days for leopard gecko eggs to hatch depending on what conditions they are incubated in. The warmer the temperatures, the sooner the eggs should hatch.

How do emperor penguins hatch their eggs?

They put the egg on their feet, then they cover it with a fold of skin on their bellies.

How many eggs should hatch with finches?

About 3 to 6

Eggs should be stored with which end up when collecting for hatch?

Fertilized eggs that will be used to hatch should be stored with the large end UP. They should also be turned once per day during collection.

How long does it take for tripod eggs to hatch?

Tripods eggs should hatch within 24 hours. If they have not call the company. It is very important to use bottled water with these.

Should you leave eggs in Oscar tank?

no you souldnt if you do they will be dead by the oxygen

Do all mammals hatch eggs?

No,only monotremes hatch eggs.

Do turtles and tortoises hatch from eggs?

Yes, they hatch from eggs.

You bought two goldfish now you have eggs all over the bottom of your tank you took out the goldfish and the eggs are getting hairy don't know if the other was a male to fertilize what should you do?

I'm not an expert at this, but I would put the parents back in until the eggs hatch. If the eggs don't hatch about 8 mon. after that, they are probable dead. Answer- The Goldfish eggs should hatch in two or three days depending on the temperature of the water in your tank. First it is important to realize that the eggs must be fertilized by a male Goldfish, after the eggs have been laid by a female Goldfish. Did you have a male Goldfish in the tank with the female? If not the eggs will not be fertile, and will soon turn white, and will not hatch. But if the eggs were fertilized, they should hatch in two or three days depending on the temperature of the water in tank. Note: You should not try to remove the eggs from your tank.

How many duck eggs survive out of a batch?

Normally nearly all the duck eggs will hatch, although occasionally one or two eggs in the clutch will never hatch. Of course, in the wild, some eggs are eaten or broken by predators, but those that survive will should hatch, if they have been cared for properly.

Do snails need to be on the nest for the eggs to hatch?

No, snails do not make a nest, they do stay on a nest, they do not hatch eggs. The eggs mature and hatch by themselves.