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Lloyd Cole - The One You Never Had

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Q: Song containing lyrics Sleep all day drink all night?
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What do you do if you cant get to sleep at night?

don't drink coffee

What is a 70's song with lyrics containing middle of the night?

Climax Blues Couldn't Get It Right. Sounds like middle of the night.

What you do at night in five letter word?

sleep, party, snore, drink

What do lake Victorian fisherman do at night?

Fish, Drink, Sleep, and Eat

How can you prevent a yawn?

get more sleep at night, drink energy drinks, or soda.

What is the name of the song with the lyrics called your name but i can't sleep at night?

'I call Your Name' by the Mama's and Papa's in 1966

What are the lyrics to silent night in Chinese?

what are the chinese lyrics to silent night

Which song has the lyrics-Don't make me wait another night tonight I want to love you?

Peech Boys - Don't Make Me Wait (1982) For all the newer songs containing those lyrics, they have taken them from this song.

Louise Hay I sometime wake up in the middle of the night with pain behind my right eye almost like when you drink an icy drink too fast any ideas?

Well i think that you should not drink very cold water at the night before you go to sleep at night.

Where do owls sleep during the night?

Owls sleep in barns and trees during the night, if they sleep at all.

How do you sing silent night in Greek lyrics?

Silent Night Greek Lyrics

Getting a full night sleep after you have been drinking will guarantee you are ok to drive in the morning?

Getting a full night sleep after drinking may not make a person okay to drive in the morning. It depends on the weight of the person, their metabolism, and how much they have to drink the night before.