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Rattlesnakes, birds, varmits, cyotes, cow, longhorns, donkeys ect.

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Q: What animals habitat in west Texas?
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What animals do the have in Texas?

Animals in Texas are usually roadrunners, jackrabbits, rattlesnakes, armadillos, and other small animals. There are not that many animals that are just out in the open, they are usually out in the desert or in their natural habitat.

How animals are effected by erosion weathering and deposition in the south Texas brush country?

animals are effected because the cause of weathering destroys the animals habitat.

What is the potentially dangerous animals in west Texas?

cougars,rattlesnakes,and scorpions

What animal has no habitat?

mostly animals that has no habitat are animals that no longer have a habitat if ure not satisfied with this answer then u belong to animals thas no habitat hehe...;)

What are some of the dangerous animals in West Texas?

Copperhead snakes. cougers,scorpions

Dangerous animals in west Texas?

All wild animals should be considered "dangerous". Of them in West Texas, the most dangerous are the Cougar, ie., mountain lion, puma, panther, and the diamond back rattle snake.

What is the habitat of aerial animals?

The habitat of aerial animals is the tree canopy.

How do animals survive in their habitat?

how do animals survive in thier different habitat

How animals survive in their habitat?

how do animals survive in thier different habitat

How can you protect the animals habitat?

you can protect the animals habitat by not cutting down trees that animals live on or in.

Do zoos have good habitat for animals?

zoos dont have good habitat for animals

Do animals have the same habitat?

No they did not have their same habitat

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