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an arachinids.

these include Spiders

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Q: What anthropod has eight legs and two body segments?
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Which part of the body has segmentation on an anthropod?

The legs.

How many body segments do arachnids have?

Arachnids have two body segments, the abdomen and......

Images of insects with 8 legs?

Insects have six legs and three body segments. Arachnids (spiders) have eight legs and two body segments. Try this site.

How many body segments and legs do insects have?

Insects typically have six or eight legs. Their legs are usually attached to the thorax, or center portion, of the insect's body.

How many legs do s spiders have?

A spider has two body segments A spider has two body segments

What is other name for arachnids?

Arachnids are arthropods that have eight legs and two body segments. This would include mites, ticks, and spiders.

What makes an arachnid an arachnid?

Arachnids generally share the following traits: eight legs, two body segments, no antenna or wings, have a chelicerae and pedipaips. There are a few species of mites that have all of the above except for eight legs.

Are spiders insects as well?

No they don't. A spider has 2 body parts but an insect has 3 =)

How many body segments do garden spiders have?

A garden Spider Has 8 Legs

Does a chilopoda have 1 body part?

No, they have as many segments as they have pairs of legs.

The anthropods with 3 body segments and six legs are?

This is effectively the definition of insects.

What are the number of body segment that insects have?

Most insects have head, thorax, abdomen as their body segments.