What are being threatened?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They were too slow to reproduce

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Q: What are being threatened?
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How is the earth being threatened?

by the evil Muslims

What can a person do about being threatened by another person if they are not related or partners?

If a person is being threatened, they can go to the police. It does not matter if it is abuse or not (the relationship). Making threats is a crime.

What limestone buildings are most threatened by pollution?

taj mahal is one of the limestone buildings being threatened by pollution.

Is an endangered species more common than an threatened species?

no. threatened species are close but not yet there to being endangered.

Why is the Mekong River being threatened?

It to do with geology in the region

Why is Antarctica being threatened?

Antarctica is being viewed as being threatened theoretically because of Global Warming. Experts say the ice caps are melting, which is causing a threat to Antarctica because it is covered by ice.

Are the cheetahs endangered or threatened?

They are very close to being endangered

What do you do if you are being threatened by a vampire?

carry vervain and a wooden stake.

Does culture pomeranian bite?

Of course they bite, they're dogs. It just depends on if the dog is feeling threatened (or if he perceives his "pack" is being threatened) or not.

What does threatened mean in science?

It means that the species is close to being extinct.

Is a raccoon vicious?

A raccoon would only be vicious if it is being threatened.

Is Iraq being threatened by communism?

No, if anything it is under attack by democracy.