What are some facts about lions?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Lions are mammals, they have fur and live in groups called prides. Lions have teeth, they are warmblooded and live in Africa. Lions are carnivores, which means that they eat meat.

Answer 2:Lions Mammals

Order- Carnivora

Family- Felidae

Genus And Species- Panthera leo

Life Span- Up to 16 years

Diet- Zebra, buffalo, giraffe, carrion, wildebeest


330-550 lbs.

Length (Head/Body, Tail)- 5.4-8.25 feet

Shoulder Height- 4 feet (A male can be 50% larger than female)

Sexual Maturity- 18 months

Mating Season- Throughout the year

Gestation Period- 102-113 days

Number Of Young- 1-4


*Lion are found in the open Savannah and dessert areas of the Sahara.


*Lions live in family groups called prides. Lionesses do most of the hunting, while the males defend the territory.

*Individual lions hunt effectively, but are more than twice as successful at catching large prey when they work as a team.

Cool Facts-

*A lion's roar can be heard more than six miles away.

*A lion can sprint up to 33.6 mph.

*A lioness can suffocate prey by clamping her jaws over its mouth and nostrils.

*Until about 10,000 years ago, lions could be found in North America.

female lions don't have mains but male do.

There fur is orangey yellow.
Well there is six different species of lions:

  1. white lions
  2. cave lions
  3. mountian lions
  4. american lions
  5. asiatic lions
  6. african

lions can weigh up to 550 (lb)
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Q: What are some facts about lions?
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