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To mate, to want to kill or hunt, to be the strongest in his or her group, to deffend his or her territory, to protect the pride's cubs.

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Q: What are some learned behaviors of a lion?
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What are some learned behaviors of a python

Detail the For and Against arguments for innate and learned behaviors?

Innate and learned behaviors are behaviors that are either known at birth or learned afterwards. Some people believe that certain behaviors are innate or that they are learned from adults of the same species.

What are some learned behaviors of butterflies?

To camouflage

What are the platypus's learned behaviors?

what are the platypuses learned behaviors

What are some learned behaviors of a Crocodile?

Some learned behaviors are like a dogs I think, like if he sits and stays and doesn't attack humans and stuff like that :)

What are effects of learned behaviors?

Animals learn behaviors to survive in their ecosystems. Some learned behaviors include hunting for food and migrating to live near food sources. Learned behaviors of domestic animals include learning tricks, and other training of the animal by humans.

What are some pandas learned behaviors?

some learned behaviors are that they like to eat bamboo they learnn to eat and find bamboo from their mother this is known as innate behavioure as it is learnt not instinctive.

What 4 examples of learned human behavior?

Some Learned behaviors can be taught at an early age.Examples of learned behaviors include :SmokingDrinkingHaving a negative / Positive AttitudeChild abuseHoarding& many more . . .

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They eat grass.

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i dont flippin know

What are some dog learned behaviors?

Salivating when it sees food

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A bats learned bahvior it is not hard to do the learn from there parents and famliy!