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i No This Sounds Stupid, But a Really Lazy Cat... Because their Instinct is to kill birds. so it has to real lethargic to not be bothered to do it.. Good luck with that one

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Q: What cat can you buy that will not kill birds?
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Can a cat kill a bird by staring at it?

No a cat cannot killa bird by looking at it! UNLESS IT HAS A TATTOO SAYING 666.MY CAT CAN KILL BIRDS BY LOOKIN AT EM? WHAT YOU ON ABOUT^^^^^^^^

What do cats like to kill?

where i live, cats like to kill mice, birds, bugs (roaches). They may even kill a betta fish (my cat did)

How do you prevent birds pooping on your outdoor furniture back deck?

buy a cat

Were do you find birds in the sims 3 pets?

You can either have a cat catch them or you can buy a bird cage and purchase them from there.

If you have a cat and it doesn't mind the birds should you put a bird table out?

Not on a less than 6 foot (2 meter) pole! Cats are programmed to catch and kill small animals. Birds are small animals. Your cat is simply smart enough to know what birds are vulnerable and which ones aren't. Attract them into range, and kitty will revert back to the perfect predator that he still is, despite a few hundred generations of breeding. One of two things will happen. The cat will kill birds, or the birds will see the cat and stay away -- probably #1, then #2. If you love birds. Don't attract them into kitty's neighborhood. Cats are already the #1 predators of songbirds in most western countries. Don't make it easy for them. Of course, if the cat is indoors and the bird outdoors, you may end up with an interested and endlessly-entertained cat. That's OK, if you like torturing cats.

Can dog and cat disease's kill guinea pigs?

I am not sure but i do no that a cat can attack a guinea pig and so can dogs so it is better not to buy a guinea pig if u have a cat or dog.

Can your cat be scared of large birds?

Depending on the cat's personality, then yes, it is possible for a cat to be scared of large birds. I have known of a cat to be chased away by a single crow. Some birds are naturally feisty or fearless, so will scare a cat away.

What are a pet cat's enemies?

Other cats, birds of prey, coyotes, large predatory animals, some dogs, traps, poison and cars are just some things that can cause harm or kill a cat.

Would a common buzzard kill a cat?

no! a cat may kill a buzzard ..ALSO A FOX CANT KILL A HEALTHY CAT

What do dogs kill?

they kill birds

Can a house cat kill?

depends on what the cat is killing, it can kill a mouse, but it can't kill an elephant

How do you get small pets on Sims pets 2 like birds and rabbits?

You can't. You can only make or buy a dog or cat. You could buy an aquariam or a hamster thing though!