What do javan tigers look like?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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hi yall

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Q: What do javan tigers look like?
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Which 3 species of tigers have become extinct in the past 70 years?

The Caspian, Bali, and Javan tigers are extinct.

How many javan tigers are in the world?

There are only 47 in the world

Where does javan tigers live?

The smallish Javan tiger lived on the island nation of Java. Now extinct.

What is javan tigers location?

Once found on the island of Java, this smallish tiger is now extinct.

Which of the subspecies of tigers is extinct?

Bali, Javan, Caspian. However, there is new evidence that suggests the Caspian and Siberian tigers are genetically identical, may be the same subspecies.

What tigers are extinced?

The Balinese Tiger and the Javan Tiger are two extinct species of Tigers.

What are all the names of all tigers?

Javan,bengal,siberian,chinsese,indochinese,amur,indian,aumatran,and thats it.

Do tigers look like cheetahs?

no because cheeters have spot and tigers have stripes

How do you pronounce Javan Rhino?

well you say it like javan,after the j is a long a then goes a another long a

Where tigers live do they get a lot of rain or little rain?

Most tigers live in jungles with high to moderate rainfall. However, some tigers, like the Siberian Tiger live on the plains and therefore receive low to average rainfall. However, there are no tigers in deserts with minimal rainfall, even though there are some rainforests where tigers used to live (like Java where the now-extinct Javan tiger used to live).

Is it possible to reintroduce tigers to java?

It's possible, and has been considered. Since the Javan tiger is extinct, the nominate subspecies would be the Sumatran race, which is a smaller animal than the Bengal, but larger than the Javan was. First the prey biomass must be in place to support a population of tigers before they can act on this introduction.

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