What do mutts look like?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Here is a big huge hint: No two mutts are the same. This is VERY true. My dog (a REALLY muttly mutt), Shasta, was born with 2 brothers & 2 sisters. Only his sister looked like him, the others? NONE of them looked like him! So, mutts are NEVER going to look the same, BUT, they can look about like anything. They can have long, wiry, short, scruffy, smooth, soft, or no fur. They can have long, skinny, square snouts. A mutt can just about be someone's dream dog. Whatever your dream dog looks like, there is DEFIANTLY a mutt to look like it!

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Q: What do mutts look like?
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Why are people so in to mutts?

Many people like mutts for a dog because they can make cute and interesting looking dogs. Many mutts have a great temperament. Also, many mutts are looked over for more prestigious breeds, so many people who rescue dogs have a special spot in their hearts and homes for mutts.

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An EXTREMELY bad combination! A pit should not be crossed out with ANY OTHER BREED. And sadly they would look like pits, just perhaps a bit smaller.

If you don't like poodles what dog should you get?

Mutts are generally the better dogs (less genetic interference), but why don't you go to the pound and look them over , whatever rings your bell should be your choice.

If you breed 2 different breeds of dogs aren't they mutts?

The puppies are mutts. Not the dogs who breed together. Unless of course their birth parents are mutts, then they are. But if you bred a dog that was pure bred, with a different breed of pure bred, then the puppies would be considered mutts. Not pure bred.Another answer:The offspring of two different purebred dogs are crossbreeds, not mutts. "Mutt," like the word "mongrel," implies a dog of indeterminate breeding; in other words, it's lineage is so mixed you can't tell what it is.

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