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yes, a health check doesnt cure your pet of anything it just well... checks the health of your pet. even if your pet is going blind there's not much you can do. the guinea pig will still be able to live just the way it had before.

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Q: What do you do if your guinea pig looks like he has a cataract in 1 eye but he only had a health check 2 weeks ago and was fine?
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What looks like a guinea pig and has a tail?

A chinchilla kind of looks like it.

Are all guinea pigs different?

Yes , all guinea pigs are different. They vary in personality , looks and in intelligence. No two guinea pigs are the same.

Your guinea pig was with a boy for three days and now she looks pregnant is this possible?

If it was a boy guinea pig - yes.

When do you clean a guinea pig cage?

I try to clean my guinea pig's cage around once a week or when it looks dirty.

Is a female guinea pig pregnant if she looks big and pear shaped and we have a nonfixed male but they haven't been in contact with each other?

My guinea pig had babies. She was in a cage with another female. She came from the store pregnant. She became quite large in the back. Most of the time if the guinea pig is pregnant you can lightly squeeze her sides. There then should be some small kicking or other movements. ---- That seems a bit normal though, my female guinea pig looks a bit like a pear too. But just to be safe you should check her, also, I read that if a female guinea pig is pregnant then it won't like being touched on its stomach.

Can you cross breed an American guinea and an abyssinian guinea pig?

yes i have some american and abyssinian guinea pigs the american has 3 babies and looks little rough an curls and its father is another breed of it

What a check for 150.00 looks like?

a regular check with 150.00$ on it

What happens if youre guinea pig gets a bruse that looks like a pimple on his head?

Get it checked out!

How do you know if your guinea pig misses the other guinea pig?

You might see the guinea pig look around the cage and call for it. Whenever I take my guinea pigs apart the one that's still in the cage looks all around the cage and if he doesn't see the other guinea pig he starts squeaking.

What do you do if your guinea pigs tummy is red and looks sore?

take it to the vet immediately the pig will die if you don't

Can a guinea pig smile?

Yes, I'd like to think they do. When you look at their mouth it always looks like they are smiling.

If a guinea pigs ear is crispy and white is it infected?

I don't know, but looks like they need a good cleaning!