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If my hamster had a bleeding scratch my first thing to do would be to stop or slow the bleeding down. You can do that with plain flour. Just put in on the scratch then get a cotton ball or a swab, put it in warm water squeeze the water out then Rub it gently on the hamster.

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take them to a vet right away.

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Q: What do you do if your hamster has bloody paws?
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Is a hamster giving birth when it has a bloody bottom?

The stupid hamster's but will bleed and get a scar for the rest of its life By: mahad

What does it mean when a hamster drags his paws?

It can mean a variety of things. It could have injured its paw or it is really tired. It can also mean that you have an old hamster.

What does bloody paws on a dog mean?

Either the dog has injured it's paws or it has gotten into something bloody. Sometimes a dogs paws will bleed if their nails are ground too short and the quick is exposed. Sometimes the pads will become abraded and bleed if the dog has run on rough dirt or pavement too much. Their could be cuts on it's feet.

How do you tell if a hamster is obese My hamster is the size of a Guinea pig help?

You can tell if a hamster is obese when it is quite larger than other hamsters of it's kind. also when they are lazy and can barely run or walk on their paws.

What are some signs my hamster cant get something out of its pouch?

Hamsters use their paws to push out the food in their pouches. If a hamster can't get something out it would be constantly pushing at its cheek.

How do you know when a hamster is in pane or dying?

Well my hamster just died and I remember her crawling around. She also buried herself in saw dust. She even crossed her paws:( !!

Do the hamster takes a bath?

Hamsters do not bathe in bodies of water, they groom themselves with their own tongue and paws.

Why is my hamster eating her paws?

A hamster will not usually behave in this manner. It could be a sign that she is very sick, or that she has some sort of mite infestation. You really must take her to see a vet.

What are the bodyparts of a panda hamster?

head, legs, paws, back, belly, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, tail, and neck.

Your dwarf hamster had a 14 inch bloody thing come out of him when he defecated What should you do?

Take it to the vet as SOON AS possible , otherwise it will probobly die

Is my hamster hibernating it is cold but floppy. It looks like it is lifeless but tha'ts what hamster's are supposed to look like when they are hibernating. Its paws are curled up and so is its body.?

It's probably not dead. It is maybe sleeping for awhile. I mean hamsters have to sleep to you know.

Can you put a robo hamster in a cage with a different kind of hamster?

unless it is a boy and a girl together, ( warning: they WILL have babies!) I would say no. Because two boys, or even two girls will fight each other, huge bloody fights.