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If a male tiger is crossed with a female lion, it is called a Tigon. If a male lion is crossed with a female tiger, it is called a Liger.
The hybrids are as follows: A male lion mated with a tigress can produce what is known as a liger. While a male tiger, mated with a lioness can produce what is called a tigon. These are special breeds, and do not happen naturally in the wild, and in fact, many times there are complications, either with the pregnancy, during the birthing, or with the litter, and their health. Tigons do not grow as large as ligers, which can top 900 pounds.
When you take a "male lion", and a "female tiger" and breed them together, the resulting cubs are called Ligers. When you take a "male tiger" and a "female lion" and breed them the off spring will be called Tigons. They are a hybrid species and not normally found in the wild. These are believed to be captive bred, and raised only. Many don't consider them to be a true "wild cat". For more details, please see sites listed below.
It depends on which was the male - a combination of the two names is used, with the male's first and then the females.

Male lion X female tiger (tigress) = liger

Male tiger X female lion (lioness)= tiglon
Depends on the parents' species. Naming tradition states that that the male name goes first. Male tiger, female lion creates a Tigon.

Male lion, female tiger makes a Liger.

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"Cats did not derive from Lions. They don't come from the same branch of the tree sort of speak. Cats were domesticated from African wild cats.

Lions = Panthera Leo

Cats = Felis Catus

African Wild Cats = Felis Sylvestra Lybica

note that Lions are from the Panthera group and the AWC and the domestic cats are from the Felis. Domestic cats can be crossed with wild cats that are from the Felis group and Lions can cross with those from the Panthera group. These groups have different make up and chromosomes. They can not cross. It would be like a dog can not cross with a Fox. So they could try to mate but I would bet the LIONS weeny would be bigger than the cat so physically they couldn't do it, even with AI. If the female was the lion, most likely she'd kill the tom while trying since aggression and biting is common during cat mating."

...this is from Yahoo on the same question asked by someone.

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Q: What do you get when you mix a tiger and a lion?
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liger half tiger half lionZac Efron's favorite animal is the ligers (its the lion and the tiger mix-breed)

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A fox and a tiger/lion.

What is a liger on zoo tycoon 2?

a liger is formed by puting a lion and tiger together and get a baby. It is a mix of lion and tiger.

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Ligers are a mixture between a male lion and a female tiger.

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A liger is a mix of a lion and a tiger.It was created my a tiger and a lion in 1 cage in which they mate to create the liger.

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im not too sure about a cheetah, leopard, and tiger will be but a tiger and a lion is a liger and it has actualy been breed in captivihere is a picture of itbut it is way to big and relies on captivity to be realsed into the wild.b this is the actual size. if you are intersted you can look on the show "weird true and frieky" and thier is and episode with this colassal beauty.

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See Liger, this is a lion and tiger mix and they are recorded over 1000 pounds

What is a mixture of a lion and a tiger?

Male lion + female tiger = ligerMale tiger + female lion = tigon

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Male lion + female tiger = ligerMale tiger + female lion = tigon

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If a lion and tiger have a cub it's called a liger or tigon.

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It depends on what the question is. Tiger lion is not a question.

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