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it means you should not pick him up

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โˆ™ 2010-12-27 18:46:43
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Q: What does it mean when your dog moans while you pick him up?
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What does it mean when your little dog moans?

it is hungry i think?

Why does dog moan?

Your dog moans because it wants you to pet it or feed it.

What is matter with your dog if it moans all the time?

probrably is in pain or heart broken

Why does your dog moan when you pet him while he's lying down?

It means he's enjoying it! Dogs moan with pleasure. My puppy moans a lot when being cuddled!

How does a dog do when it is afraid?

it moans or runs away or try to bite just because they are scared it moans or runs away or try to bite just because they are scared

How do you change your dog on Nintendogs?

You cannot change your dog after you have named and bought it. If you mean get your dog from the dog hotel, then just press the Pick Up or Swap buttons.

Can a dog get worms when left at the groomers?

It would seem to be rather unlikely that a dog could pick up worms while at a groomer. I suppose if it had access to food or feces from another dog while it was there they could possibly pick up worms. It is very common for dogs to have worms and they should be checked regularly. Puppies need to be wormed as they often have worms even while nursing from the dam.

How do you catch the dog from harvest moon?

If by "catch" you mean "pick up," you simply walk up to it and press A.

Is shaking in a dog mean she is sick?

No,it doesn't it might mean that it is cold. Or that it feels nervous of how you carry it, of how you pick it up. Maybe it feels unsafe.

When I was sad my dog looked at me and tried to embrace you with her paws what does that mean?

Dogs can pick up on peoples emotions so your dog knows that you are sad and wants to comfort you

Can you pick up fleas from a dog?

yes, if your dog has fleas

How can you train a little dog to stop being mean to a big dog?

Don't pick it up when it is around the big dog (this will encourage dominant behavior). Try spraying the same perfume on yourself and both dogs (to get them to think they are in the same pack). Gently push the little dog onto its side when it is being mean to the big dog and hold it there for a few seconds while acting displeased. Encourage all neutral and good behavior toward the bigger dog with treats and praise. Be patient, ... dog training takes a long time.

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