What dog breeds have the best hearing?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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this could start a debate, however, the Border Collie is supposed to have the best hearing and the most intellect, but every dog lover will tell you it is THEIR dog breed that is the cutest, smartest and has the best hearing and smell! Also the best looking!!!

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Q: What dog breeds have the best hearing?
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What is the animal with the best hearing?

the animal with the best hearing is a dog

Which breeds of dogs have the best hearing?

I consider a German Shepard

What is the best type of dog for a hearing dog?

Boxers!They have really good hearing.

What breed of dog with the anatomy of ear would worst hearing?

There isn't a breed with "bad hearing", but some some breeds are prone to have hearing problems or deafness. These breeds are: Dalmatians, Bull terriers, and English setters. Because deafness can be in these breeds genes, it's particularly important to buy from a breeder that does genetic testing on their dogs, and not from pet stores. Any breed of dog with untreated ear infections can also lose their hearing, so it's important to have a dog treated promptly when you notice a problem.

What is the best dog food for large breeds?


What are the best dog breeds that are tiny?

chi WA was

What are some dog breeds that are good at agility?

Border Collies are probably the best. (They are the smartest dog)

Who is the best guard dog for home?

Mastiff breeds are best guard dogs for home.

What is the best breed of a dog of all times?

All dogs are different. All breeds are great it just depends on the dog you get or have.So all breeds are great! :)

What breed is mainly a HearingDOG?

Most hearing dogs are mixed breeds, particularly those with some Border Collie in them. But any breed can potentially produce a dog who is good at hearing work.

What are the best type of dog breeds?


Which animal has the best hearing cow pig dog?

it depends what you classify as "the best hearing" but dolphins and bats have the best sonar hearing and owls have the sharpest hearing with one ear hole above their eye level and one below they can pinpoint the vertical positions of a sound source. :)