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you need a college education

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Q: What eduction do you need to be a pet groomer?
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What skills do a pet groomer need?

nothing really all they need is an online corse

What are the requirements to be a pet groomer?

Well it depends on what pet you are grooming.

What skills do you need to get a job doing mobile pet grooming?

In order to become a mobile pet groomer, you need to have experience grooming dogs. Yo0u also need to have a driver's license to get from job to job.

What does a pet groomer do?

they groom pets for money,such as they wash away flees.

What is the positive side of becoming a pet groomer?

You get to see your favorite animals.

What are some good ideas for small businesses?

Makeing a Deli or a Pet groomer.

Where do you take a pet to trim its nails?

You can either take the pet to your vet or a groomer. If combined with an appointment, the vet may not charge you for it, but the groomer most definitely will. You can also cut your pets nails yourself, especially if it is a small animal.

Does a dog groomer need a degree?


When does a poodle need to go to the groomer?

A poodle needs to go the groomer at least once a month.

What is a good pet grooming show to watch?

A good pet grooming show to watch is Groomer Has It. Groomer Has It is a reality game TV series available to watch on Animal planet. It has 2 seasons and has a running time of 45 minutes per episode.

Name the worst job for someone with allergies?

gardener/landscaper veterinarian florist pet groomer

How do I know if my pet groomer is treating my pet properly?

there are a couple ways to tell if your pet is being treated properly. Many grooming facilities will let you stay in the building and you can watch the process. Annother way is to watch your pets reaction the next time you take it to the groomers, if it acts frightened it may be a bad groomer.