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An egg account refers the British internet banking company known as "Egg". The purpose of an egg account was simply a banking account for savings and insurance.

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Q: What exactly is the purpose of an egg account?
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What exactly are egg loans?

EGG is a bank that is located on the internet. You can get loans from them, and also have a checking or savings account. Loans, from this bank are the same as other banks.

What exactly does egg savings consist of?

Egg savings accounts are available overseas. They consist of a standard savings account. The interest from this account is only paid every twelve months. If you are requesting money from your account you will need to do so 3 to 4 business days prior to needing it.

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Is there a monthly service charge to have an Eggs Savings account?

No, the Egg savings account called "Egg Savings Account (internet) Issue 2" does not have a monthly service charge. This type of savings account is accessible online.

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