What foods are good for giunea pigs?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Many foods are good for guinea pigs including vegetables and store-bought food. BEWARE! some foods are poisonous to guinea pigs! Including potato skins and raw beans. Hope this helped :)

Timothy hay and pellets are good for guinea pigs.

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Q: What foods are good for giunea pigs?
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Can giunea pigs swim?

No they will drown in water

Your giunea pigs lossing its hair what do you do?

Take it to the vet as quickly as possible!

Can giunea pigs be on a leash?

No! Some people put them on leashes but this can seriously damage there spines and ribs, so it isn't a good idea !

What color eyes can giunea pigs have?

They could have red or black eyes only

What do giunea pigs prefer carrots or lettuce?

My guinea pig prefers lettuce to carrots.

What country do giunea pigs live in?

Many live in Peru and the surrounding areas in South America.

Are giunea pigs tired during pregnancy?

Yes they can get tired especially if they are carrying a lot of babies.

How do giunea pigs lay down?

Course They Do!!! Just Like Human Women!!

Why does a girl giunea pig urine on a boy giunea pig?

itis marking scent :)

Does cake taste good to pigs?

Pigs are not very picky eaters despite the reality that not all foods are good for them. Pigs will eat cake and anything else that people like, but they thrive best on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Can pig eat human foods?

Pigs can sometimes eat human food, guinea pigs can eat more human foods than pigs.

What are the sizes of a giunea pig?

Guinea pigs come in any size, they only grow to be about 7 inches long, and it also depends on how old your piggy is, if he.she is a baby it will only be a few inches long, if it is old, it will be full grown! :D good luck with your Piggy!!