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they grow back or it dies

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Q: What happens when your hamster loses all its teeth?
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What breed of hamster has the softest teeth?

All hamsters have hard teeth!

Why do hamster have teeth?

all rodents have continually growing front teeth, because they have no roots

What do you do if your teddy bear hamster has yellow teeth?

All hamsters have yellow teeth... It's normal:)

Do hamsters teeth come out?

No, they are not supposed to. Hamster's teeth never stop growing, so they don't need to lose any teeth. If this does happen, consult a vet. To prevent this from ever happening, Give your hamster healthy chewing logs and sticks Don't feed your hamster anything that could get stuck in it's teeth such as sticky, chocolatey foods. Make sure your hamster's teeth don't overgrow. When a hamster's teeth get to long, it is hard for them to eat. Be sure that your hamster keeps his/her teeth strong and healthy by making sure he/she chews on his/her logs/sticks and eats healthy, crunchy foods such as a good seed mix. If you follow all these requirements, your hamster's teeth should be fine.

What do you do if your hamster has blue teeth?

maybe i would brush its teeth and if it doesnt come off the teeth i will just go to the vet!simple!..... first of all ... y da hellokitty does yo dang hamster hv freekin blue teeth!! not normal! hello! brush its teeth!!! idiot!! jk lol

When should feed a 12 week dwarf hamster?

If your hamster has all its fur,teeth, and can walk properly than your ready to feed it.But feed it little.

What happens when it loses electrons?

all elements want to have a full valence shell and when an atom loses electrons it is said to become a cation.

What happenes when you keep picking up a hamster?

all that happens is that you keep picking it up

Is a hamster sick if its losing its fur?

It happened to my hamster, he is probably just getting old. If he starts to lose all his fur check his food and bedding, he could have mites. Either way take him to the vet if he loses more fur!

What happens when you don't brush your teeth?

All of your teeth will fall out and turn yellow.yo don`t want that do you?

How do you look after a hamster if teething?

Hamster's teeth grow constantley their whole life like most (if not all) other rodents. You can buy chewing sticks for them at the pet store to keep them from getting too big.

Can the mom hamster eat its baby hamster whole with no leavings of the body?

Sadly yes, this usually happens when there is a runt, or if the mother doesn't have enough milk to feed them all.