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Q: What horses finished the Kentucky Derby under 2 minutes?
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Why is Kentucky most famous for horses?

The Kentucky Derby

What is the selection process of horses in the triple crown?

The selection of horses to run in the Triple Crown begins with horses meeting what are called "race conditions" for the Kentucky Derby; conditions stipulate the age, gender and past performance requirements each horse must meet to enter a given race. The Kentucky Derby is written for 2 year-olds, fillies and colts, [here it says something like "...non-winners of x number of races..." and/or "winners of x number..."] The winner of the Kentucky Derby gets to run in the Preakness, and the winner of the Preakness gets to run in the Belmont. So the "selection process" begins with being eligible to run the Derby.

Who ran the fastest derby ever?

The fastest Kentucky Derby ever was run by Secretariat.

How old must a horse be for the derby?

Assuming you are speaking of the Kentucky Derby: This Grade I Stakes race is for 3-year-old Thoroughbreds of either sex. A Thoroughbred technically turns its next age on January 1 of any given year. Because horses generally are born between January and June, a horse entering the Kentucky Derby, which is held in May, usually will be 3-years-old both technically (because of the January 1 date) and actually (because most are born before the early May date of the Derby) -- but there may be as much as a 4- or 5-month difference in the actual ages of the horses in the Derby.

Which pair of Kentucky Derby Winners were foreign bred?

Tomy Lee and Omar Khayyam

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What animal competes in the Kentucky Derby?

Thoroughbred horses compete in the Kentucky Derby.

Why is Kentucky most famous for horses?

The Kentucky Derby

Is the Kentucky Derby for girl horses boy horses or both?

both i won once in the derby

What sex are the horses in the Kentucky derby?


What sex are Kentucky derby horses?


Why are horses important to Kentucky?

there are horse races in kentucky - kentucky derby

What was the horses name that won the Kentucky Derby in 1864?

The Kentucky Derby didn't begin until 1875.

Where in America is the Derby run?

For horses, the Derby in America, known as the Kentucky Derby, is run in Louisville, Kentucky, on the first Saturday in May every year.

What is the most horses to race in the Kentucky derby?

Twenty horses can race at a time

How many 2012 Kentucky Derby horses are male?


What horses have won the Kentucky Derby since 1970?


How many grey horses won the Kentucky derby?