What is the classification of thrush?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Candidiasis is commonly called thrush. It is a yeast infection caused by Candida. The classification of Candida is: Kingdom: Fungi, Class: Saccharomycetes, Order: Saccharomycetales, Family: Saccharomycetaceae, and Genus: Candida.

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Q: What is the classification of thrush?
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What are bird names that end with rush?

Song thrush. Mistle thrush. There are many birds around the world whose name ends with thrush (South Island thrush, native thrush, New Zealand thrush...)

Is thrush viral or bacterial?

No, thrush is not a bacteria. Thrush is the name of a yeast infection.

What is an ant thrush?

An ant thrush is either of two species of insectivorous thrush - Neocossyphus rufus - the red-tailed ant thrush - and neocossyphus poensis - the white-tailed ant thrush.

How do you say thrush in spanish?

thrush (the bird) = tordo, zorzal, malvis (accent on the 'i') thrush (medical) = aita (accent on the 'i') thrush (veterinary) = higo

Is a thrush a fish?

The term refers to a whole bunch of types of birds--like the Laughing-thrush, the Rock-thrush, the Quail-thrush, the Thrush Nightingale, and even the Thrush Babbler, to name but a few. In addition, a yeasty fungal infection of the mouth occurring most often in babies or people with HIV or otherwise compromised immune systems is also called thrush.

What are four easy steps to save the song thrush?

get the song thrush more food feed the song thrush try build the song thrush a safer home protect the song thrush from predators

Is there a difference between a mistle thrush and a mizzle thrush?

There is not a difference between the mistle thrush and the mizzle thrush. The second spelling is a common misspelling or colloquialism. This bird is a large, spotted thrush found throughout Europe.

What is a sentence using the word thrush?

My children had thrush as infants. The thrush had made its nest in the elm tree.

Thrush is to iris as bird is to?

Thrush is to iris as bird is to flower. Thrush and iris are specific birds and flowers.

What's the difference between a song thrush bird and a mistle thrush bird?

One of the differences is in the breast marking. The mistle thrush has round breast markings and the Song Thrush has arrow shaped markings. The song thrush is also smaller and browner than the Mistle Thrush.

Can a thrush fly?

yes because a thrush is a bird.

What is ironic about the song of thrush in the darkling thrush?