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hooklets help tie the barbules and barbs that forming the feather together. this provide a strong and light structure of feather.

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Q: What is the function of the hooklets in the feathers of birds?
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What is the function of hooklets in the feathers of birds?

These maintain the shape of the feather. Without these strong linkages, the feather would not be able to withstand the air resistance during flight.

How to birds are clean their wings?

Most birds like parakeets preen their feathers by putting a feather in their beak and sliding it across. By doing this the barbcules and the hooklets connect back together making the feathers more stable.

What do birds have that no other animals have?

All birds have feathers and birds are the only animals that do!

What type of body cover does a blue jay have?

As with other birds, the wing of a blue jay is covered in feathers.

What is an adaptation of feathers to meet its function?

Birds do not have hands or paws on their wings. Contour feathers along the wing are called flight feathers, and are specialized for lifting and gliding. Feathers are a strong and adjustable surface for pushing against air.

Does Kangaroos have feathers?

No. Only birds have feathers. Kangaroos are mammals, not birds.

Does the kingfisher have feathers?

Yes. Kingfishers are birds, and all birds have feathers.

What are five birds that have feathers?

Pretty much all birds have feathers

Do birds have wax on their body?

no they have feathers

What animals have feathers but are not birds?

There are no animals that have feathers besides birds.

Do cassowaries have fur or feathers?

Cassowaries are birds so, like all birds, they have feathers. Only mammals have fur.

Are most mammals covered with feathers?

Mammals are not covered with feathers. Mammals grow hair, but do not have to be covered with hair. Birds are covered with feathers.