What is the most harmless animal?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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I Would Say That A Worm Is Thee Most Harmless Animal!! Because It Cann Nott Bite Youu! Andd You Cann I Only Diee From It Iff Youu Swallow Itt, Soo Itt Is Pretty Harmless Lol,, Dunnoo Iff I Amm Ritee Thoo,, Butt Cats, Dogs,,Hamsters, And Guinni Pigs Are Defo Cutest !!!!

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Some may say the fruit fly, but it actually depends on whom is asking the question, what Allergies they have, etc. It's one of those how long is string questions but, as mammals go, the sloth would be a very gentle neighbor. The fruit fly is dangerous to humankind, in that it spoils fruit, reducing food production and potentially leaving people malnourished - but again, it depends on the original meaning of the sentence.

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Q: What is the most harmless animal?
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Are humans harmless?

No, We are the most dangerous animal on Earth

What is the worlds most harmless animal?


What is a fierce but harmless animal?

Honey badgers are thought to be one of the most fierce animals on earth but they are actually quite harmless.

What kind of animal is the most harmless animal in the world?

stike bug or water bug or a lady bug etc.

Can you give a sentence using the word harmless?

The harmless animal passed by.

What is the most harmless monkey?

Well The baboon is technicaly the most harmless

The names of the three sharks are the most harmless?

there are way more than three harmless sharks, but the Whale shark is THE most harmless

Are dodos dangerous or harmless?

No one knows for sure if the Dodo was a dangerous animal or not, but it is likely that the Dodo was a harmless creature....Actually it is almost an absolute fact that the Dodo was harmless.

What enables one animal to look like another much-avoided animal?

Mimicry is when a harmless animal has the appearance of a potentially dangerous animal.

Are most microbes are harmless?


Are most microbes harmless?


Are most spiders harmless?

Yes, most spiders are harmless to humans. Only a few spiders are dangerous to humans.