What is the newest discovered plant?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the Jackson tower

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Q: What is the newest discovered plant?
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What is the newest plant found?

It would be difficult to say. New flora and fauna are discovered and classified practically on a daily basis.

What is the newest planet discovered?

Pluto, Discovered in 1930

What is the newest species discovered by scientists?

The newest is the Large Blue Butterfly, discovered June 13, 2010, in south China.

Which astronomers discovered the newest planet?


Is Uranus the newest discovered planet?

William herschel discovered the planet uranus

Which is the newest continent?

Antarctica is the most recently discovered continent.

Which is the newest of the five basic tastes to be discovered?

The newest of the five basic tastes to be discovered is umami, meaning a savoy taste. The other four tastes are sour, sweet, bitter and salty.

How old is the newest nuclear power plant in the US?

The newest nuclear plant is Watts Bar 1, TN, which got its full power license 02/07/1996. See the link below

What planet is discovered by a filipino science teacher?

the teacher who discovered the newest planet was Mrs. Munez living in paknaan new york city

What can you say for certain if you discovered a new type of plant?

I totally just discovered a new type of plant.

What is the newest moshling?

The newest moshling is blingo this is how to get him.You plant 3 magic beans and dig them up plant a red crazy daisy,blue dragon fruit and a black snap apple!good luck!!

Who discovered plantcells and when?

Mathias Schleiden discovered the plant cells in 1838