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i have researched and my answer was 41 feet. but i bet there are larger sharks!! i have seen videos and they say that some sharks can grow up to 55-75 ft!!!!

i can't believe that but then again that might be true.

The whale shark is the largest shark in the world.
For some decades many ichthyological works, as well as the Guinness Book of World Records, listed three great whites as the largest individuals caught : an 11 metre (36 ft) great white captured in south Australian waters near Port Fairy in the 1870s, an 11.3 metre (37.6 ft) shark trapped in a herring weir in New Brunswick, Canada in the 1930s and the record holder a 41.2 ft monster caught west coast of the Azores Islands by a Portuguese fishing trawler. While this was the commonly accepted maximum size, reports of 7.5 to 10 metre (25 to 33.3 ft) great whites were common and often deemed credible.

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The biggest Great White ever caught was a female of 6.4 meters, which was caught off Cuba in 1945. It weighed 3312 kilos and its girth reached 4.5 meters; several lorries were needed to tow and transport it. A 10 meter specimen is also said to have been captured, but neither photo nor expert account exists, only subjective statements

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42 feet

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Q: What is the oldest great white shark ever caught?
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What is the largest shark caught from the shore in Texas?

The biggest shark that was ever caught was the great white shark go to total pro biggest sharks ever caught

How big is the biggest great white shark caught in New Jersey?

The biggest Great White Shark caught in NJ is 759 lbs. caught in July 1988 by Jim Kneipp (ME) and it is currently the state record. The shark was caught off of Pt. Pleasant Beach appx. 50 miles out from the Manasquan Inlet.

What is the biggest great white shark ever caught in South Africa?


What is the largest shark caught off the coast of Alabama?

It was a young great white

Why is the great white shark enadangered?

The great white shark is endangered because they are being caught in gill nets. Also, the great whites are used for their teeth, their jaws. And a great white shark's skin is used as leather. Also, some pills are made from their meat.

What is the biggest great white shark ever caught in the Mediterranean?

22.5 feet long

The largest great white shark ever caught?

37.6 feet but it is highly unlikely that it is true

Where was 26 ft great white shark caught in Maine in 1932?

Eastport , Maine

What is the largest great white shark caught in the barrier reef?

9m. But the longest anywhere else is 12m

Who would win great white shark or hamerhead shark?

great white shark.

Which has a stronger bite Great White Shark or Tiger Shark?

the great white shark

What is a behavior of a great white shark?

a great white shark will attack only when tampered with. DON'T UPSET A GREAT WHITE SHARK