What is the slowest animal of all here on earth?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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1. A snail: it gows 0.01 mph

2. Coral - it does not move.

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The slowest animal on the planet is said to be a Sloth, but it depends on what kind of animal.

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Q: What is the slowest animal of all here on earth?
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Slowest moving animal on earth?

Coral (which is an animal) do not move at all. The Garden Snail 0.03 mph. The Three Toed Sloth at 0.13 mph

Slowest aquatic animal?

The three toed sloth is the slowest moving land mammal.

Who is the slowestest person on earth?

Anyone can be the slowest, if they don't move at all.

What does venus do slower then all of the other planets?

It rotates on its axis in about 243 Earth days. That's the slowest rotation time.

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If there are no animals on Earth we'd all have to be vegetarian.

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Slowest growing animal?

I'm not too sure about the slowest growing animal in general but I do know that the Royal or Wandering Albatross take roughly 6-10 years to reach maturity and are therefore, the slowest growing birds on the planet.

Which land mammal move most slowly?

the sloth it hangs around in trees all day it would take the sloth half a day to walk 1 mile. hippopotamus is the slowest land mammal Edit: The Hippopotamus is not the slowest land mammal, it can run up to 20 mph on land. The three-toed sloth is the slowest, with a top speed of roughly 0.003 miles per hour. It moves so slowly it typically grows algae on it's back.

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