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Many of the small animals that have pointed noses and long tails are rodents. That means that these animals include mice and rats.

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Q: What small animals with pointed noses and long tails?
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What four letter ending with E of small animals with pointed noses and long tails?


What animals have pointed nose and long tails?

I think it might be an elephant but dont hold me to it!

Why do desert animals need long tails?

I don't think desert-adapted animals have long tails. They generally try to stay as small as possible to avoid massive heat build-up.

What are animals with prehensil?

Animals with prehensile tails are animals whose tails are able to grip.

Why do elephant have small tail?

Elephants have small tails because other animals have big tails to fan them-self but elephants have big ears to fan themselves so there is no need for a huge tail

What animals have a brushy tails?

endangered small nocturnal animal of south west australiawith light brown coat & brushy tails squirrels wolves foxes

Why do elephants have pointy tails?

Pointed tails help make elephants more streamlined and aerodynamic.

Are dogs the only animals to wag their tails?

yes, if they felt like it. but they dont tend to do small stuff like that if they dont want. animals are funny that way. Plus they just do it for attention.

What animals dont have tails?

Animals such as frogs, hampsters, insects and spiders dont have tails.

What is an little animals with long tails?

A monkey, dog, mouse, squirrel, beaver, or cat is a small animal with a long tail.

Why are airplanes are designed with pointed nose and thin tails?

so that it is streamlined and it can go faster

I bought a white mouse but you dont know if its a mouse or hamster It has 2cm pink tail and red eyes and it has bit fur what is it?

Mice are smaller than hamsters and they have long pointed tails, but hamsters have short tails (stubs). gerbils also have tails like mice but aren't as small. I think you have a hamster because the tail is short.