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house spider

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Q: What spider has black and orange striped legs and a kinda white head and brown body?
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What is a large brown spider with fuzzy striped black and tan or orange colored legs?

Wolf spider

What kind of spider has an orange body with two black dots on it has long brown and white striped legs?

This description fits a few types of spiders. It could be a barn spider, an orb weaver spider, or a crab spider.

What spider is medium sized with brown and orange striped legs and an acorn shaped body its very furry and was found in Gillette wyoming?

brown recluse spider

What kind of spider has a brown body with bright yellow and black legs with orange on its belly?

spider with orange body

I have a spider in my kitchen and he is yellow and grey and black and orange and a little brown. What kind of spider is this could it be a jumping spider?

I believe this spider friend of yours is a jumping spider, although there are lots of other spiders out there who are yellow, grey, black, orange and brown.

What kind of spider is brown with striped legs and a black hourglass looking figure on the belly?

Look up a Brown Widow spider. that might be what you are looking for.

What is a brown spider with orange spot on belly?

A Southern Black Widow or Brown Widow

What is a brown with yellow striped spider called?

Zipper spider

What spider is brown with large abdomen and yellow striped rear legs and red or orange front 2 legs?

The brown recluse spider has a large abdomen with yellow striped rear legs. It also has red or orange front legs. It is found throughout the central, and midwestern United States.

What kind of spider has brown legs and black and silver striped body?

a tarantula I think they can KILL YOU :o

What is a brown spider with green fangs and an orange spot on its back?

A Black Widow

What brown spider has an orange hourglass on stomach?

It is likely a brown widow spider. They're not as venomous as a black widow spider, but you should still be very careful with it.

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