What thes pacu fish eat?

Updated: 8/9/2023
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They eat:

- Fish flakes

- Algae wafers

- Carrots

- Lettuce

- Plain nuts

- Snails

- Shrimp

- Small bits of cooked chicken

- Peas

- Fruits

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yes, but i would wait until they are at least 10 inches before starting. Before that, keep them on fish flakes and vedgies.

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Q: What thes pacu fish eat?
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Are Pacu fish aggressive?

Pacu are not as aggressive as Piranhas but can be if threatened.

Can a pacu eat shrimp?

Pacu are primarily vegetarians. They can eat meat, however it is not necessarily good for them. Meat from mammals is high in fat, and is more difficult for the pacu to digest. It also is less nutritious for them than vegetables, fruit or fish food. Shrimp is perfectly fine for a pacu to eat, however I would not turn it into his primary diet. I feed mine algae wafers, and the occasional peas, lettuce, and carrots. Mine also eats some of the regular fish flakes that I feed the other community fish in the tank with him.

What is a Paco fish?

I think you mean Pacu:

What animals does a pacu fish kills?

Well they are vegetarian. They would eat small fish that could fit in their mouth if they were hungry also they are opportunist fish

Can a turtle be in an aquarium with a Red Bellied Pacu?

Most turtles will eat fish that they are housed with, unless the fish are much much larger than the turtle.

What are the differences between pacu and piranha fish?

There are several differences between the pacu and the piranha fish. One is their jaw alignment, their teeth are different. Their sizes are generally also different, a grown pacu is larger than a piranha.

What do pacu fish do for your foot?

Nothing you dumb person.

Redbelly paco fish?

There is a red belly piranha which eats meat and also a pacu which eat plant and veggie and which is a type of piranha

Will adult red belly pacu fight adult Oscars?

Actually the Oscar won't fight. I had a red-belled pacu in a tank with an Oscar and I came home one day and the pacu had eaten the Oscar and a kissing fish and a parrot fish. They aren't suppose to eat fish their size but I think mine taps more into the nature of his piranha cousins than most. If you get both just be careful and make sure the Oscar is bigger and dominant. On the contrary every Oscar and every pacu has different personalities. Some will fight some will not. I have an Oscar in a 1500 gallon tank that hates pacu. And I've got a pacu that hates Oscars... So you never know...

Are pirahnas carnivores?

Not all species that are piranha-like are carnivores. The Pacu-Pacu generally eat seeds that fall into the water and they look like piranhas. The Pacu-Pacu can also be kept in tropical home aquariums as a species tank.

What thes penguin eats?

Almost anything that is bigger than a penguin will eat them like a shark

Does Paco fish have fins and scales?

Pacu are a type of piranha. They do have scales, like most fish, as well as fins.