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That depends upon the species of snake and season of the year. Some snakes are abroad during the hot daylight hours. Others come out only in the cooler morning or evening. Some only emerge after dark.

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Q: What time of the day do snakes come out in the desert hills?
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What are desert lizards?

desert lizards are reptile which live in the desert.they have different characteristic. some time they are horned,spiny or even like snakes.

Do snakes poop?

Snakes do poop they pee at the same time they poop and some snakes release a pussy substance as well. Some snakes poop and pee as a defence, and it really stinks! i know this because we have grass snakes in our garden and i have a pet corn snake.

Do snakes live in water?

Yeah. Snakes that live in water, live in water.yes snake can live in water but not for longer period of time . it depend upon which types os snakes is ?

How do snakes move on land and in water?

I am a snake keeper and avid student of all things reptile. There is no known species of snake that can not swim. Many land snakes spend a lot of time in the water including the larger heavier varieties such as the Anaconda, Burmese and Reticulated Pythons, etc. Snakes are, by design, well suited to swimming. They are buoyant and move swiftly in the water using the same muscles they use to move across dry land. Even snakes that are originally from the desert areas take right to water. I know because I have a Desert Phase California King Snake that loves taking baths in deep tubs. Snakes are amazing creatures that are worth getting to know.

Why are snakes frightening?

People who are afraid of snakes may be afraid because snakes do not blink and their eyes stay open all the time. Also because of how they slither and move around. But one of the most common reasons is because many snakes are dangerous and people are afraid to get bitten.

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What are desert lizards?

desert lizards are reptile which live in the desert.they have different characteristic. some time they are horned,spiny or even like snakes.

What kind of snakes come out at night?

mostly all snakes can come out at night as in the day they rest in the sun so at night there usually more active.

How does the desert ecosystem change over time?

over time, it will change by the weather that the desert has or the animals that will come in from time to time. as you may know, only certain animals live in it. so yes, it changes with the weather, the animals, and how things grow in the desert

What day does the Hills come on?

It comes on on Monday. 10:00pm if you're in central time zone.

When do snakes come out?

Different snakes come out at different time. Many snakes come out at night. For example, in Australia, many of the most poisonous snakes come out at night. But there are also snakes who come out in the day for example certain rattle snakes come out in the day to search for prey. Snakes are cold-blooded and depend on the temperature of their surroundings. If it is too hot, such as in deserts, they are more likely to be out in evenings and night. In other more temperate areas they are more likely to be out with the sun.

How do sidewinder snakes get water in the desert?

They get much of the water they require from the food they eat. When rains do occur they will drink as much as they can from standing puddles as they may not get a chance to drink liquid water again for months.

Name 1 desert animal that sleeps during the day?

Most rodents, such as kangaroo rats, and most snakes sleep during the hottest time of the day and emerge at night.

Is a snake a land animal or a desert animal?

A snake can live in the desert or on a primary source of land. Snakes often live in burrows underground or hide under leaves and rocks. You can also have snakes as pets. Usually, the habitat depends on how much water the snake needs in a matter of time, for example rattlesnakes can go long periods of time without water. This seems to be perfect seeing as though the desert has a very very little amount of rainfall. Other snakes like the anaconda live in the amazon near rivers and streams. These types of snakes require water almost every day. Since they are very close to water they can have a drink whenever they please. So as you can see, snakes can live in almost any habitat and adapt to almost any kind of environment, whether it is a desert, the Amazon, or simply a cage living amongst you. I hope you learned a lot, and enjoyed! -Skylar (age 9)

Where is the woman who wants the salt rocks on Time tangled island?

It's not a woman; it's a man. On your pocket watch where you can go back in time, click on the woman with the pink cap on. Then, when you're there, go all the way up, dodging the snakes, and you'll see a man at the top.give it to the man in the desert place with the snakes

When do garden snakes mostly come out?

The best time to catch one is mid- morning on a sunny day. Snakes like to bask to raise their body temperatures and will look for exposed, sunny spots to catch the warming sun. Trails or roads near wetlands are your best bet for finding snakes. Unfortunately, the use of roads for basking leads to a major source of mortality for garter snakes! It's tragic, but there are probably many snakes that are killed on roads each year by well meaning people on their way to visit the snake dens

How many hills did rome had?

Originally Rome was on the seven hills of Rome (the Capitoline, Palatine, Quirinal, Viminal, Esquiline, Caelian and Aventine. Over time the city expanded beyond this area and come to include other hills, such as the Pincian, the Janiculum and the Vatican.

How does snakes meets its needs in the desert habitat?

It's all down to the general metabolism of reptiles. Snakes don't spend vast amounts of energy 'running around' or searching for food. Most of their time is spent basking in the sun, a pretty energy-efficient way of life. A single meal could last a snake a long time. Snakes in their natural environment have to hunt their own food - which is not always that easy to catch. Consequently, many snakes in the wild may go for weeks or months between meals.