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The mother is on 9 eggs and 1 baby has been alive for at least 20 hours but the mother is still sitting on the baby and the eggs. Will she leave soon??

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Q: What will the mother duck do if only 1 egg hatches?
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What happens when a duck egg breaks before it hatches?

Unfortunately, if a duck eggs breaks before it hatches, the baby duck shall not survive, if in early stages. If the egg breaks right before the duck hatches, the duck may survive.

How old does a duck egg have to be when it hatches?

21 to 30 days

When there's a duck egg when does it hatch?

A fertile, viable duck egg typically hatches 28 days after incubation is begun.

How does a duck deliver a baby duck?

A mother duck lays a fertilized egg to get a baby duck.

What should an embilicord look like when a duck hatches?

There is no direct connection to the mother once a baby duckling (egg) is laid in the nest. You can call the mother sitting on the nest, providing the eggs warmth and protection, a kind of umbiliical.

Is there an animal that hatches from an egg and later suckles milk from its mother?

Platypus or Echidna

You found an egg in the mulch by your front door 2 days ago. No mommy duck in sight .Will she come back as it is a high traffic area?

If the mother duck doesn't come back just get a blanket & try to slip it under the egg. Then set the blanket on a pillow then get a heat lamp put that over egg. Wrap the egg in blankets until it hatches.

Can you hatch an old duck egg?

No. You can not hatch an old duck egg. It must be continually kept warm and turned over from the time it is laid until it hatches. Once the duckling inside dies, it can not be revived.

What is the verb for hatchery?

The verb form of hatchery is hatch.Other verbs are hatches, hatching and hatched.Some example sentences are:"The egg is starting to hatch"."The chick hatches out of the egg"."Come and watch the egg hatching"."We thought it was a duck egg, so imagine our surprise when a crocodile hatched out of it".

Pokemon heart of gold what hatches from the egg?

A Togepi hatches from the egg.

Does the egg turn into the mother or father Pokemon?

The mother is the one who determines what Pokemon hatches from an egg. The father is the one who determines what moves the hatched Pokemon has.

What kind of egg was the ugly duckling was thought to be?

The mother duck suspected it to be a turkey egg.

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