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What's the awnser

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Q: When a swallow uses mud and grass to build it's nest it is demonstrating?
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When a swallow uses and grass to build its nest it is demonstrating?

What's the awnser

When a swallow uses mud and grass to build its nest what is it demonstrating is it instinct?


What is a cliff swallow's nest made out of?

Mud,grass,weed stems,

What material does a swallow use to build its nest?

mud and saliva

Where do swallow build their nest?

in roofs and eaves of buildings using mud and saliva.

When was Swallow's Nest created?

Swallow's Nest was created in 1912.

What is the swallow home called?

A nest? A nest? A nest?

What does a barn swallow nest has in it?

They are made of mud often times mixed with grasses or other materials. They are then lined with grass and then feathers.

The pebbles the Adelie penguins collect are used to swallow to help digest food protection?

The pebbles are collected to build a nest.

Do birds chomp on worms or just swallow?

Birds eat worms by pecking at the grass and then when finding their food, they fly to their nest to feed their young or probably just eat privately.

What do emus use to build their nests with?

The emu's nest is just a shallow hole in the ground, or a platform made of grass, lined with leaves, grass, twigs and bark.

How do birds build there homes?

Birds build their homes out of materials that they find outdoors. Bird's nest are often times built out of dry leaves, sticks, and grass.