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Dogs can have puppies when there only six months

However, this is FAR too young. Their bones have not fully developed and they will still be growing and need all their enery for that!

Female dogs should not be allowed to have puppies before they are 2yrs old.

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Q: When do dogs usually have puppies?
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When do dogs usually stop feeding their puppies?

When the puppies are 7-10 weeks or less.

How many puppies does a dog usually have?

smaller dogs usually have 1-4 puppies, bigger dogs can have anywhere fron 1-9, or even more!

Can puppies stomach flip?

It is possible, but it is very rare in puppies, it usually happens with older dogs.

What is the average number of puppies in a litter of pekingnese puppies?

Pekingese dogs usually have 2 to 4 puppies per litter.

When do dogs have puppies and can dogs eat puppies?

Yes. They have puppies..... Who doesn't know that? And eww. Dogs do NOT eat their puppies......

What do dogs and puppies eat?

dog and puppy food available at your local store they usually have a specific type for puppies

How many pupp ies can a dog have?

Well dogs can have 21 puppies because I have seen a youtube vidio that a dog had 21 puppies but a whole litter of 21 puppies doesn't usually happen so 21 puppies is rare but dogs can have 21 puppies.

Where are stray puppies found?

Stray dogs are usually found in streets in urban cities, so their puppies would be there as well.

How many puppies can an Australian shepherd have?

It's not always the same number, but remember that big dogs have more puppies than small dogs. Usually though, Australian shepherds have around 5-10 puppies.

Can two dogs have puppies?

2 dogs of the opposite sex can have puppies

How long does it take for puppies to become adults?

Puppies are considered adult, or dogs, when they are 1 year old. That is usually when they are full grown.

When do puppies get teeth?

Dogs will usually grow adult teeth when their around 1-2

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