When do guinea pigs bite?

Updated: 8/9/2023
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Guinea pigs will bite for a variety of reasons. They will bite if they feel threatened, or are frightened. They will bite or nip each other when they are 'warning' their cage mate that they do not like what the other is doing, or mothers will nip babies when they are disciplining them. Baby pigs will bite just as a form of exploration, they just want to see something is edible, or 'chewable'. Babies and adults will bite you 'accidentally' if they smell food on your hand, or fingers. (Say you just handled their dinner, some cut up carrots and apples, and before you feed your pig, you get it out to pet/hold for a bit.....piggy will smell the fruit/veggies on your hand, and might mistaken them for the actual thing, taking a nip ...or even a hard bite). They don't do this to be mean, it's purely accidental. They will also bite sometimes if they are surprised, and they may also bite if they are hurt. While most of these reasons are normal, and will happen, a way to lessen the chance that your piggy will bite you out of fear or surprise, is to make sure you handle/play with/talk to, and take time to pay attention to your pig every single day. This will build trust in your pet, making them at ease with you, and giving you a loving, calm piggy that enjoys your company. p>

when they squeel

or when you accidently squeeze there stomach !

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Depnds if your sensitive or not.

If you threaten it, then it can go full-force biting

Overal, it does not hurt at all. If you have a baby guinea pig, then possibly...

Bigger ones, then no.

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it can i guess? I was bitten on the stomach un-expectedly by my piggy and it felt more like a pinch yet it hurt. But otherwise I've never been bitten by him. He nibbles but that doesn't hurt

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Yes, indeed they do! Funny huh?

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Q: When do guinea pigs bite?
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Does guinea pig bite?

Guinea Pigs do not bite people unless they're threatened.

Does all Guinea Pigs bite?

no, not all guinea pigs, Actually they are known to be not very "bitey", they usually only bite when scared and frightened.

Will your new 2 year old guinea pig bite?

All guinea pigs can bite, at any age. If you socalize your guinea pig and treat him well, chances are he will choose not to bite.

Are guinea pigs harmful?

No they get scared and some times bite i love guinea pigs well hope this i help full from,guineapigpepper

Do guinea pigs like to be petted?

that's a question only guinea pigs can answer if your guinea pig doesn't bite or scratch when you pet them then yes if they do then no

Guinea pig bites?

guinea pigs bite them self because they are itchy SO GIVE THEM A BATH

Do female guinea pigs bite other female guinea pigs?

no because they are both female but they would fight if they wanted to make babies with a male.

Why does your guinea pit bite his hands?

A guinea pig does not bite it owns hands. Like other animals it cleans itself. You can see this in healthy guinea pigs. Young guinea pigs, who has been taken from their mother too soon, does not always learn how to clean themselves. Overweight guinea pigs can have a problem doing it, as well as those with very long nails. Some guinea pigs also keep their nails short white cleansing, by biting their nails.

Should you worry if your guinea pig bites and breaks skin?

no ive never known guinea pigs bite

Does guinea pigs bite if you do not play with them for a long time?

They will bite you if they don't like how you play with them or if you play with them too much.

Do male guinea pigs eat other pigs?

No for guinea pigs are stirct herbivores so they eat only vegetables and their commercial food.They dont eat other pigs but as the guinea pigs get older one of them may bite as its a sighn of teritory.Eat a LotYes, they also require a lot of water.

Why do female guinea pigs bite when you touch under there stomach and what does it mean?

because she is pregnant