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A great dane should never be placed on puppy food. He/She should start out on premium regular adult dog food. Due to their extreme growth, they will need the calories from an adult dog food. Puppy food is not sufficient for a Great Dane Puppy.

Look into Evo, Wellness, Innova as these are all premium foods.

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Q: When should a great Dane go on adult food?
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how much food should i feed a great dane?

6 to 10 cups

What a great dane eats?

Dog food

What is best food for Great Dane?


For what purposes are Great Dane trailers produced?

Great Dane trailers are produced for the transportation of food products whether the food needs to be chilled or dry, there are trailers that can accommodate these needs.

How much should i feed my 4 month old great dane?

Appox 65-85 lbs @ 5 months and height from withers to feet..21''-25"

What kind of diet for great dane?

You should look for a food with glucosamine and chondrotin for proper joint health. You should also look for a "large breed" food. It is best to look for an "all natural" food to help prevent cancer.

How high should the dog food bowl be if you have a large great Dane?

the answer is full unless u pefer some more fur ur playful pet

What source can you put in dog food to help digestion?

picklejuice. works everytime for my great dane

What is a good food brand to feed a Great Dane?

Wellness. I think its good for any Dog

My dog is a boarder collie what age should i change it from puppy food to adult food?

you should change it's food at age two to adult food

What type of food can be given to an adult dog?

Processed dog foods are classified into puppy and adult food. You should give the adult dog food then. Also, homemade dog food can be given to adult dogs.

When should your lab go from puppy food to adult food?

1 year