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I clip them at a couple of weeks old. They begin to get quite sharp and can scratch the mother during feeding.

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Q: When should a puppies nails be clipped?
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How are puppies harmful to humans?

Puppies may be so cute, but they can be harmful to other animals or even childern in the home. Puppies can nip, bite, spread fleas (If outside most of the time), and can scratch. Puppies should be trained to not nip at a young age. They should have their own chey toys, because sharing toys with other dogs can put the puppy in danger. Puppies should regularly, be treated for fleas and ticks, and Puppies should also have their nails regularly clipped.

When and where do you take a guinea pig to get its nails clipped?

you take it to the vets. when its nails are long

Why do cats need their nails clipped?

Cats DO NOT need their nails clipped, to attempt to do this to a cat would be extremely cruel. Cats have retractable nails and thy maintain them by scratching at a scratching post or tree bark. Cats nails sharpen themselves by flaking as the cat scratches.

How old should a chihuahua be to clip his toenails?

Chis are never too young to have their nails clipped. In fact you should start when they're young so they get used to the process.

When can you cut a puppies nails?

There is no minimum age for when you can clip a puppies nails. In fact, the sooner you can start the better! Just make sure that you are careful not to scare the puppy or cut the quick. The best time to do it is when they a tired and relaxed. Make it a good experience with lots of praise and good treats. Puppies do tend to have a short attention span, so don't be surprised if you cant get them all done in one sitting. By starting it young, ey will get used to having their nails clipped and will be much less likely to have problems with it when they get older.

Do guinea pigs have to get their nails clipped?

Yes. If you do not clip the nails, they will grow too long and eventually break on something, and injure the guinea pig.

Can you trim gel nails once complete?

It is easiest to trim gel nails to the desired length before applying them, but they can also be trimmed after they are complete. They can be clipped and shaped like real nails.

At what age can you clip your puppies nails?

It doesn't matter what age. Once you hear the nails on the floors, it is time clip!

Do all guinea pigs need their nails clipped?

YES! If you don't know how to do it, go to a local vet and they will do it for you!

Can you give your dog a small amount of xanax for nail trimming No one can hold him down?

NO. Take your dog to a vet if he is resisting to have his nails clipped. If the dog is reacting to the clippings as if he were in pain then you might be cutting too short. If he just has a fear of getting his nails clipped than take him to the vet or a groomer to have it done.

Do dogs have nails or claws?

Yes they do. Claws to be exact, which is another form of nail. They also need to be clipped on a regular basis as well.

What Is Nail Health?

Nail health is keeping under the nails clean for both men and women and also the nails should be clipped and filed. Most women want longer nails, while men keep theirs short. Often men will go to salons to have their nails manicured as do women. Your doctor can pick up possible diseases you may have by looking at your nails. If your nails are a bluish color by the "moon" part of the nail this can be an indication of a lack of oxygen to your system and your doctor may test you for heart problems or other problems.

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