Where do a Japanese giant hornet live?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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kung saan sila pwedeng maabuhay ........... vice ganda

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those nips get around

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Q: Where do a Japanese giant hornet live?
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What is the weight of a Japanese giant hornet?

About the size of your pointer finger

Who would win Japanese hornet or Asian hornet?

The Japanese hornet " the giant Asian hornet" is larger than the Asian hornet and it's venom contains a neurotoxin that the Asian hornet doesn't have. So it would seem that the Japanese variety would be at an advantage, but I'm only speculating.

When was Asian giant hornet created?

Asian giant hornet was created in 1852.

How fast can a giant hornet fly up to?

a giant hornet can fly only 15 mph

What is the length of a hornet wasp?

the Japanese giant hornets stinger is 1-1 and a half inches long and the venom can melt flesh

What is an Asian giant hornet?

An Asian giant hornet is the world's largest species of hornet, Latin name Vespa mandarinia, native to temperate and tropical Eastern Asia.

Does the Japanese hornet live in the US?

no, only in the high topical mountains of japan (15-20,000 feet)

What is the biggest species of wasp?

yes there are many species. There are around known 75,000 different species of wasps, as the name "wasp" is used for any insect in the order Hymenoptera that is not a bee or ant.

Which is fiercer the Africanized honey bee or the Asian giant hornet?

The Asian Hornet is a much bigger insect.

What is the largest wasps in the world?

the giant Asian hornet

What insects do they have in Japan?

Lots. My favorite is the Japanese Giant Hornet. There's also Japanese Honeybees as well as mantises and all kinds of other Japanese insects.

How much does an Asian Giant Hornet weigh?

540 kg