Where do horses live that are tame?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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barns and/or pastures

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Q: Where do horses live that are tame?
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What are alike between domestic and wild horses?

horses that aren't tame are called wild horses. The difference between wild horses and tame horses is that tame horses are a lot calmer for one. They let you ride them and are used to life in a stable. Wild horses, however, would throw you off if you tried to ride them. That is, if you can even get near them!

Can you tame a coyote on red dead redemption?

No, you can only tame horses.

What is the difference between a wild horse and a tamed horse?

Wild horses are not trained, and they usually live in the wild with a herd. On the other hand, tame horses are fully, maturely trained for shows or other activities. Tame horses usually live in stables or farms. If you are in the process of training a wild horse, get research and make sure you know what your doing.

What animals are there on the Sims 3 pets?

Dogs (stray and tame), cats (stray and tame), horses (tame), wild horses, birds, snakes, lizards, rodents, turtles, raccoons, deer, & unicorns.

How do you tame a mooshrom in minecraft?

You can't tame a mooshroom in vanilla Minecraft. The only animals you can tame are wolves, ocelots and horses.

What are tame horses?

Basically, horses that are not wild; that have been domesticated. And considering there are very, very few truly wild horses left, I can assure you that every pony you've pet is tame.

What is a tame cat?

Domesticated animals are considered tame, like: dogs cats horses

When did central Asian people tame horses?

in the 1800"s

Did Plains Indians tame horses before the Spanish invaded?

No, because there were no horses before the Spanish settlers brought them from Spain.

What is interesting about mustang horses?

Mustangs are usually wild horses that roam around in herds. People usually catch and tame them.

What type of teeth do mustang horses have?

The same type of teeth as a tame horse.

How many horses are there in the us?

Over billions counting tame wild and colt :)