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  • Hamsters eat their litter for many reasons. If the litter is not weaned and you touch them then most of the time the mom will not smell her scent and might not care for them which is one way they will die, or she feels they are a threat so she will eat them.
  • After a mother hamster gets pregnant you have to separate them from the males. They get stressed. That will cause them to eat their young as well. And the males try to take over.
  • Another reason is the mother's overcrowding and territorial instincts. If you have too many hamsters in one cage, the mom will feel that there is not any way to protect her babies anymore and will start eating them
  • Usually because she feels that they are under threat or she cannot cope with that many babies.
  • Perhaps she does not feel safe. Perhaps she is underfed or missing some kind of nutrition.
  • Typically a mother hamster needs to feel protected from people and other hamsters, with a comfortable partially secluded area. This may be a small nest box or a area piled high with shavings and litter, in a separate cage from other hamsters. Try not to disturb her too much when she has very young with her. Keep other pets away as well.
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Q: Why do Hamsters eat their babies?
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