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Here is the Legend of the tabby "M" on the forhead... All of us, at one time or another, have listened to the "old folks" tell us amazing tales. Folk lore and legends abound in all cultures. Passed by word of mouth from one generation to the next, these legends grow and change. A veterinarian shared this story with me. I share it with you, in the tradition of story-telling, in my own words and with my own embellishments. This is the legend of the Tabby "M". All of us have heard that first Christmas described as a silent night. However, one of God's creatures knew otherwise.

The cat hunted in the cold, starry night. He didn't look much different from the other cats; he was gray in color with stripes the color of charcoal. As he walked down the dark alleyway, he heard crying coming from a stable. He entered the door and saw a mother trying to comfort her newborn son.

She spoke softly. "I don't know what to do. I thought you were hungry, so I fed you. I thought you were wet, so I changed your diaper. I thought you were cold, so I wrapped another blanket around you."

She rocked the infant a few minutes longer and then laid him back in a manger filled with hay. The baby continued to cry.

The cat knew what needed to be done. He leapt into the manger and curled up next to the child. In comforting tones, he began to purr. It was the sweetest lull-a-bye ever heard. The baby quieted and drifted off to sleep.

The woman gently stroked his fur. "Thank you. I don't know where you came from, but thank you."

God was looking down and witnessing the blessed events of His son's birthday. Heard only by the cat, God spoke.

"You have done a wonderful deed this night. Because you cared enough to help this woman, I will mark you and your offspring forever so that people will know what you have done. Her name is Mary and from this day forward you will have the letter "M" on your forehead." So when you see a cat with the tabby pattern (no matter if it's gray, brown, or some other color) look closely at its forehead and you will see the letter "M". By this you will know that it is a descendant of the cat that comforted the newborn Christ on that first Christmas night.

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Q: Why do all tabby cats have an M on their forehead?
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Why do tabby cats have an m on their forehead?

It is the officialm mark of the "makarel tabby" the m is at the front of "makarel"

What are facts about a tabby cat?

All domestic cats (not wild) are descended from the tabby. Tabbies are not a specific breed. The term refers to a pattern on the cats. Tabbies have an M-shaped marking on their forehead.

Tabby cats are known for what types of distinctive marks?

They are known for the distinctive mark of an "M" on their forehead

Why don't all cats have the letter M on their foreheads?

The appearance of the letter "M" on a cat's forehead has to do with the overall pattern of their fur. Specifically, this is a characteristic of tabby patterns, or cats with a mixed pattern that has tabby genetics, such as a lynx point Siamese cat. So, if a cat does not have those genes, or that pattern, it won't have the "M" on its forehead.

Why do cats have an M on their forehead?

The "M" marking on the forehead signifies that the cat carries a common trait of the Maine Coon Tabby Cat, one of the oldest recognized breeds of domestic cats. Chances are the cat is Maine Coon tabby, or at least part.

What trait do all Tabby cats share?

Well, look closely at the forehead. All tabbies have the same characteristic "M" shape in the stripes there. It's pretty interesting. :)

What are facts about gray tabbies?

i have one, grey tabby cats, well all tabby cats have a 'm' shape on their fore head

Are all tabby cats male?

A tabby is a cat with a distinctive coat that features stripes, dots, or swirling patterns, usually together with an "M" mark on its forehead. The pattern occurs both with sexes and is not a specific breed of cat.However, with cats where the overall colour is ginger (orange), individuals with this colouring are commonly male (roughly in a 3:1 ratio) - the 'Ginger Tom'.

Why do cats have the letter M on their forehead?

yes maincoons do lok like they have a letter "M" on their forehead

What is a tabby cat?

A tabby cat usually refers to a cat of any colour with stripes on its coat as opposed to flat colour. They are noted for the 'M' marking on their forehead. You can tell which are tabbies by looking at one of their outer hairs; if it has bands of two or more colours on a single hair then it is a tabby. The ticked tabby has no stripes on its body, but it has the 'M' on its forehead and bands on its hairs.

Why does your tabby cat have an O instead of an M on his forehead He is an orange tabby if that makes any difference?

It's just the way he\she is born. Some are born with an M and some are born with a different letter, such as O. I used to have an orange tabby as well.

How can you tell if it is a tabby or a tortishell cat?

A tabby has stripes on its forehead usually that look sort of like an M. Look at pics closely and you can see it!! :) That's my own way of telling its either all tabby or part tabby. A tortishell cat has not patches but brindled brown and black fur. A Calico which people confuse for Tortishells has Brown , Black and white fur that's patched. :) --- A normal tabby cat has no ginger in its fur, which is the definition of a tortoiseshell. Cats can also be torbies, which is a tortoiseshell-tabby. In this pattern, the cat has ginger patches, and you will see tabby markings on the face and body where there is no ginger. In a tortoiseshell, the ginger patches always have tabby markings whether the cat is a tabby or not.

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