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Rabbits like carrots because they are sweet!!

Bunnies have a very sweet tooth, they will always pick something sweet when given the option. However, this is also the reason why carrots should not be fed in large amounts to bunnies... one carrot, once a week is fine. Too many carrots though can cause lots of problems with excess ceceals and GI upsets.

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Because cats are predators (meat eaters) and rabbits are prey (meat)

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To the best of my knowledge, horses are vegetarian They do not eat rabbits.

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Q: Why do horses like to eat bunny rabbits?
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Do bunny's eat frogs?

No, bunny's also known as rabbits are herbivours. That means they do not eat meat, including frogs.

What do rabbits eat and is there anything they do not eat?

Rabbits eat hay(my bunny prefers timothy but there is also alfafa), dry food, and water. Check with a vet about what you should feed your bunny.

Animals that eat carrots?

rabbits and humans eat carrots.

Do bunny's eat birds?

No, rabbits are strictly herbivores and do not eat meat.

Is a bunny omnivore herbivore or carnivore?

Bunnies are Herbivores. You see, Bunnies are like wild rabbits. With normal Rabbits the eat like Coleflower and Carrots etc.

What do Holland lop bunny's eat?

holland lops usually eat hay or kibble, also as many bunnies and rabbits like to eat they do eat carrots and lettuce

Can giraffes eat bunnies?

yes giraffes can eat bunny rabbits but the giraffe has to be albino

Can bunny eat bugs?

Rabbits are herbivores and are not known to ingest insects .

Would a bat eat a bunny?

no. bats are generally smaller than rabbits, and eat insects and/or fruit

What animals eat soft fruit?

Squirrels, horses and rabbits

What are some foods in Botswana?

they eat wooden bunny rabbits and gummy nom noms

What is a bobcat's prey?

they eat deer,rabbits,bunny,and ratsharesMostly the bobcats feed on the snowshoe hare