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Mice bleed like any other creature, if you cut it, hurt it really badly, or it's sick.

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Q: Why do mice bleed?
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Do pet rats have periods?

No, neither mice or rats have 'periods'. A rat will not bleed naturally except during birth.

Do mice feet bleed when they run on they're wheel to much?

yes. all the time. this is completely normal. i own 18 mice and they do this all day.. im always cleaning the cage :/ bye

Can pet mice live outside in the winter or will they die?

No they can't espeally the baby one. It becomes to cold and their nose start to bleed and they die :(

Which bite harder mice or rats?

RATS!!!!They are much MUCH bigger than mice.Rats can grow about up to the size of a $1 bill or larger!Mice can grow about up to a half dollar coin or larger.Rats teeth are bigger and sharper.When they bite,it is very painful,bleeds,and can get enfected if not treated properly.But with mice,it will hurt when they bite,but mice have small,dull teeth.It might bleed if bitten hard enough.The only way mice or rats will bite you,is when you sqeeze them,pinch their tail,bite them,blow in their ear,flip them over and tickle them,and more. Mice and Mice and Mice,ADVICE!

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When you bleed brakes it is necessary to bleed each caliper in turn.

Do mice play with mice?

Yes, mice do play with other mice. Especially when they are young.

How does dogs bleed?

Dogs bleed the same way people bleed. When they have a cut or any other injury that breaks the skin they will bleed.

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This is a withdrawal bleed or a break through bleed.

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