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I live in Florida and have severial species of turles, in my experience with turtles and rain are the following

Most water turtles stay submerged when a storm is coming or overhead, I have watched this behavoir in my pond over the past severial years, I'm asuming this is to protect them selves from and lighting and flying / falling debre as their head are above water (exposed)

After the rain have passed,

-Some are leaving for slower moving water (rain increase the flow of most lakes, creeks, rivers

-Males are in pursut of a mating partner

-females are in pursut of a mating partner

-females will move about after a good ran so they can find a safe none flooded area to lay eggs (the eggs will drown if they get submerged in a poodle)

-do not forget that water turtle prefere to stay wet, moving around after a rain helps with this problem

-water turtles can not swallow with the ad of water to help take the food down the throat, after a rain all is wet

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Q: Why do turtles cross the road after a rain?
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