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when I had hamsters, mine used to sleep in the food dish all the time. its nothing to worry about, it just means that they don't have a comfortable sleeping area. try using some toilet paper for him/her in a different location so that it will lure them away from the dish. your welcome is this helped :)

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*Hamster wakes up* -- *eats food* -- *goes back to sleep* -- *cycle continues* . As long as (s)he's happy it's OK I guess. Lol.

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Q: Why does your Dwarf Hamster sleep in its food bowl?
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What materials do you need in a dwarf hamster's cage?

toys a wheel food water safe place to hide and sleep! xxx

How much to feed dwarf hamster per week?

1-3 tablespoons of hamster mix and if your hamster can have large portions of vegetables or fruits you can give them some but you would have to take it out every next day you put it in the bowl

Can to much bread kill a dwarf hamster?

Yes, you can over feed your dwarf hamster. Do not give it more than a handful of food. When it's plate is clean wait until it goes to its food bowl. Then that means its hungry. So feed it.

How many times does hamster eat?

Just leave a bowl of hamster food and add a little more each day and at the end of each week throw out the remains of the hamster food and wash the food bowl then put some more hamster food in the bowl.

How much should you feed your Dwarf Hamster?

Dwarf hamsters are small pets that don't eat very much.Two tablespoons of dry hamster food,bought from a pet shop(I get mine at Pets Mart.) Dwarf hamsters only eat one forth of there food which is not very much,although your hamster is not very big at all.Always give your hamster that amount and if you own more than three adults,give a little more to prevent fighting over food,so remember always give your hamster a little more than it eats when you own more than three adults.And change your food daily.

How much do dwarf hamsters eat a day?

You shold fill it's bowl up and put more food in once it's empty which takes about a week for me, the length of time may be differant depending on bowl size and what you are feeding it but standard hamster food is the best thing with some veg.

Do dwarf hamsters eat papaya or hamster food more?

It is better that hamsters are mainly fed hamster food, and fruits and snacks are given as a treat.

When do you feed a hamster?

You just put a small bowl of hamster food in its cage, when its hungry it will eat.

How many food pellets should I give my Russian Dwarf Hamster?

they only eat what they want so you fill the bowl, so they store food for when they want it but still give them pellets and carrots and vitamins for dinner(at night)

Tell you about albino Russian dwarf hamster kinds of foods?

This animal will eat any store bought hamster food.

Will a dwarf hamster bite if you put food in your hand?

depends if the hamster is tame and used to being around people and their scent.

Will a Chinese Hamster drown if i put its water in a hamster food bowl?

If your hamsters food bowl is more than 1 inch deep, then dont put water in it, or your hamster may slip and fall in, which is bad for its skin. I hope this helps you and your hamster, -x-